Book Errata
  • Errata: there are bound to be some typos and other mistakes that found their way through the writing andediting process. This file includes corrections as they are found. If you come across any, please let me know: jere.miles AT
    Book Project File
  • Sancho Panza Package: full package for the book project, chapters are seperated out as different scenes. Also, note that this package does not contain assets that we do not have the legal right to distribute, therefore this package cannot be imported into a Unity project and be expected to build and run as it is. You will need to obtain the other assets from the sources that are listed with the tutorials and execises within the book. But, this package can be very useful for verifying the placement of objects as well as the structure of the various state machines. Be sure to follow the instructions in the below YouTube video on setting up your Unity project to work with this package as well as an overview of what is and is not included within the package.

Chapter Resources

YouTube Videos

  • Sancho Project - Explore the contents of the supplied Sancho Panza project and how to import it into your own project.
  • Projects & Folders - Explore a Unity project structure and compare it to the standard folder structure on our computers.
  • Fixing Texture - Detail how to fix potential texture issues when importing the Sancho Panza knight asset in Chapter 4.
  • BONUS: Importing Assets (Exercise 4-4) - Getting those characters importedinto our project from the website.
  • Speed Multiplier - How to use a speed multiplier variable to better control character speed.
  • Variables for Patrolling - All of the variables that will be needed for the spider patrolling state machine.
  • Advanced Spider Patrol - Adjust the spider system so that it can randomly patrol an area or not patrol at all.
  • BONUS: Sancho Fights Back (Exercise 5-1) - While fighting is not Sancho's strength, he can put up a little resistance to those pesky spiders.
  • Journal System - Construction of the journal system as described in chapter 6 although slightly different steps as per the errata.
  • Teresa Dialogue - Construction of Teresa's dialogue system as described in chapter 6.
  • Starting Dialogue Variables - Show how to create the variables needed for the starting dialogue system.
  • Starting Dialogue - Construction of the complete starting dialogue system as described in chapter 6.
  • Town Colliders - Alternative approach to creating the colliders needed for the town, actually this approach is much better than the mesh collider, just takes a little bit longer.
  • BONUS: Dapple Quest (Exercise 8-3) - How to create a system so that Sancho can go find the lost donkey, Dapple, and then Dapple will follow the player everywhere.
  • BONUS: Finish Sheep Quest (Exercise 8-5) - How to get those sheep to stay in a pen once Sancho has actually collected all of them.
  • Using Audacity - Quick demonstration of the user interface of Audacity as well as an overview of some of its primary features that we need.
  • BONUS: Music in the Forrest (Exercise 9-2) - Getting the music controller system to recognize when to play the forrest music and when to switch back to the pasture music.
  • BONUS: Adding Audio to Sancho (Exercise 9-6) - Adding some audio to Sancho actions, as can be seen, the easy part is getting Unity to play the audio.
  • Rect Transform - Overview of the Rect Transform component on uGUI game objects.
  • Updating Sancho Health - Walk through on getting Sancho's health HUD to update correctly as shown in chapter 10.
  • Sheep Quest UI - Walk through on tweaking the quest journal for the sheep in chapter 10 as those variables can get trickey.
  • Creating UI Parts - Quick demonstration of creating the UI pieces within Photoshop and getting them into Unity.
  • BONUS: More Quests (Exercise 10-4) - Using material from our design document and resources already developed, let's expand our dialogue and quests a little bit.
  • BONUS: Splash Screen (Exercise 10-5) - Simple splash screen thrown together based on what we've learned with Unity and PlayMaker.

Instructor Resources

  • PowerPoints: all chapters are contained in one zip file.
  • Test Bank: please email the following to jere.miles AT Your name,
    school URL verifying you and your email address, and course the book is used in.